Thank you for visiting. My name is Maresa, psychotherapist and founder of Time to Talk, a service offering counselling and therapy in Glasgow G12 (Kelvinside) and West London W2  (Notting Hill). This is my own website – it describes more about me, my approach to counselling, and allows people interested in entering therapy a way of getting in touch and asking questions. I hope you find everything you need on this site.

Over the over in my work I have met people who have been shamed and stigmatised because of their sexuality, their ethnicity, their culture, race, religion, HIV status, background and education. They have also often been shamed because of the nature of their issues, such is the misunderstanding of many in society when faced with the symptoms of drug, alcohol, food, sex, gambling and work addictions.

That’s why I started Time to Talk.

A safe space to talk in Glasgow G12 & West London W2

I provide a safe space for counselling in both Glasgow & West London – and of course online. I maintain one office in a beautiful tree-lined street between Notting Hill Gate & Queensway (W2) – and another in a quiet, well-appointed residential area in Kelvinside (G12). I split my time between the two – offering sessions online and in-person.

My clients come from across the whole of West, North West and South West London, especially from Kensington, Notting Hill, Earls Court, Chelsea, Fulham, Hammersmith and Putney – as well as all over Glasgow, especially Kelvinside, Partick, Jordonhill, Maryhill, and from across the world online.

My ethos is simple. It’s about:

  • Serving all communities and all people in a non-judgemental way, using therapists with a record of academic and professional excellence. If I can’t personally work with you due to geography or scheduling issues I can confidently refer you to one of my colleagues.
  • An integrative whole-world approach, putting the client, not the theory or philosophy, first
  • Honesty and integrity in terms of seeking the best outcome for the client, putting quality first, and following all relevant professional and ethical guidelines

In short, I believe in supporting people in their journey towards mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing by nurturing the human potential for strength, hope and healthy interdependence.

So if you’re looking to arrange your first session with me and want to contact me directly, why not browse my contacts section for more information or use the form below? Or you might want to check out my BACP profile at ItsGoodToTalk – which also shows my accreditation information and more details about me.

Many thanks, and I wish you every success in your journey of wellbeing.

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    BACP Registered Counselling and Therapy in Glasgow G12 & West London W2

    BACP Registered Counselling and Therapy in Glasgow G12 & West London W2